Snowy Valleys Regional Tracks and Trails Masterplan


Tredwell Management worked with Snowy Valleys Council to undertake a regional Tracks and Trails Masterplan to provide an integrated strategic approach to link towns and villages across the region. The Masterplan will improve connectivity and promote sustainable ways to explore the Snowy Valleys region whilst ensuring the preservation of the unspoilt natural environment. The central focus of this project is tracks and trails on Council owned or managed land.

Tracks and Trails included within the Master Plan include rail trails, mountain biking, bushwalking and bridle trails, road cycling routes, paddle, agritourism opportunities and art trails.

The Snowy Valleys Council Tracks and Trails Masterplan was developed as a comprehensive post bush-fire masterplan and included:

  • A prioritised list of projects including high level costings
  • A Business Case that assessed the opportunity and viability of developing different tracks and trails across the region
  • Draft Designs/Concepts that identify key trails and linkages and includes guidelines for planning and construction
  • A Review of Environmental Factors to assess the environmental impacts associated with the proposed trails

Five priority trail development projects were then identified and more detailed planning including a trail concept plan for each of the five projects, costings, a business case and a review of environmental factors (REF) was completed.


Client: Snowy Valleys Council
State: New South Wales
Value: >$80,000
Year: 2023
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