Recreation Strategies for Roley Pools and Armadale Settlers Common

Current, Sport, Recreation & Open Space Planning

Tredwell has been engaged by the City of Armadale to undertake recreation strategies for Roley Pools and Armadale Settlers Common

This project consists of two Parts:

• Part A: Roley Pools Heritage Walk Trail Passive Recreation and Signage Plan

The City of Armadale is seeking to undertake a review of existing infrastructure mapping and concept design with the view of developing a construction ready recreational strategy that, once implemented, will formalise the Roley Pools Heritage Walk Trail as a regional destination.

• Part B: Armadale Settlers Common West Passive Recreation and Signage Plan.

The intent of this project is to develop a plan for passive recreational pursuits in the western block of the Armadale Settlers Common. The project requires review and verification of the existing infrastructure / trail mapping from 2016 and the development of a recreation and signage concept plan.

Client: City of Armadale
State: Western Australia
Value: $50,000 - $80,000
Year: 2019
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