Master Planning

A framework for future development

Do you have an open space, sport and recreation reserve or facility that is ageing, dysfunctional, no longer fit for purpose and unable to meet the needs and expectations of your changing community?

Sport, recreation and open space facilities across Australia are under ever increasing pressures to meet the current needs and demands of the community, whilst remaining adaptable enough to respond to dynamic challenges of increasing magnitude including climate change, finite resources, changing participation preferences, increasing expectations and competing demands just to name a few.

Whilst this is a challenging prospect, ignoring these challenges and pressures is not the best option. Such problems tend to amplify if left unresolved. Difficult conversations may need to be had and a strong direction clearly articulated, together with a robust rationale for any future investment, gaining buy-in and support from key stakeholders and the broader community along the way.

Ultimately, all these types of facilities need to be welcoming, accessible, inclusive, fit for purpose, responsive to change and sustainable to ensure that each member of your community is given every opportunity to lead active and healthy lifestyles, integrally connected into their community.

Engaging Tredwell to work with you and your community through a master plan process will ensure that a thorough site investigation and analysis will be undertaken, members of the community and key stakeholders will have the opportunity to meaningfully engage, and all relevant issues and opportunities will be identified, prior to exploring options to deliver a long term, sustainable solution for your facility.



“As a local government leader, the Tatiara District Council already has a strategic plan that outlines where our Region’s town want to be in the future, as well as the steps it will take to get there. But our strategic plan isn’t the only guidance we needed for future growth – having a master plan was another valuable resource that it needed to help the region’s townships more easily get where they wanted to go.

Tredwell Management Services helped develop Sporting, Recreation and Open Space Master Plans for Bordertown, Mundulla, and Padthaway, that will guide community and economic growth in these towns, from a high-level perspective, focusing on ways to: preserve the unique character of each town, ensure diversity, support investment, promote desired change, and enhance liveability in each of these communities.

Tredwell Management Services were flexible, commercially grounded, and innovative and were able to great design outcomes through shared knowledge, shared experience, and collaboration. As such, they adopted an agenda that will help drive clever and sustainable place transformation.

And, whilst the definition of a Master Plan varied from one town to the next, their ethos centred on making these sporting and recreational centres great places. And, if it all starts with matching the right mix of individuals to the project, then Tredwell Management Services had the right mix. They understood that our towns were not only wanting to plan and design for the future, but about creating an identity and legacy for people.

Through their relationship with the Tatiara District Council, Tredwell Management Services continues to enhance their reputation for designing ground-breaking master plans which seek to change contemporary perceptions and expectations of sporting, recreational and open spaces in rural living environments. Their goal was to design transformative sporting places in Bordertown and Mundulla that are as inspiring as they are functional. Connectivity, meaningful placemaking and sustainable growth informed their design principles, where they took care to involve key stakeholders and communities as they created these rural-enhancing developments. After close engagement with our local communities, , these sporting venues now have the potential to be landmark attractions”.

Kingsley Green, Director Corporate & Community Services, Tatiara District Council


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