Jubilee Reserve Concept Masterplan and Building Design

Master Planning

The Town of Bassendean engaged Tredwell Management to develop the Jubilee Reserve Master Plan, with the aim to develop a high level concept master plan for Jubilee Reserve, maximising sustainable reserve usage and providing an accessible, multipurpose facility. The concept master plan has been delivered with a detailed building design of the multipurpose facility with an opinion of probable costs.

Jubilee Reserve is a large 12.75-hectare District Sports Reserve which comprises of 11-hectares of grass spaces marked into six separate fields for junior and senior sports. The Reserve also contains two areas of remnant vegetation.

The development of the Jubilee Reserve Master Plan included a comprehensive review of background information and strategic documents to align with the wider strategic objectives at federal, state and local levels.

The consultation approach gathered specific information to  contribute towards the Master Plan’s development from key stakeholders such as site user groups/clubs, Council Staff and Elected Members and the broader community.

The general principles and approaches followed in the  development of the Jubilee Reserve Master Plan concept  design included ensuring that the site caters to its defined  hierarchical catchment area, that the site and its facilities are  accessible to all, it is visible and safe and that the site provides a flexible design which allows for the co-location of users and  service integration that encourages social connectivity and  adaptation.

Tredwell, in partnership with Donovan Payne
Architects (DPA) developed three concept plan design options for Jubilee Reserve. All options include high quality new and updated features.



Client: Town of Bassendean
State: Western Australia
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2021