Copper Coast Sport & Leisure Master Plan

Master Planning

A master planning process for the Copper Coast Sports and Leisure Centre assisted to secure $10.3M for its redevelopment to a modern recreational indoor centre for the region and adjoining educational precinct.

The master plan provided a framework for future development of the site, determining the location, scale and type of developments that could occur at the site.

The master planning process included reviewing the existing physical conditions, analysing site issues and developing an agreed strategic plan for the site.

Key outcomes of the project included:
• Documented public consultation
• Site plans and elevations suitable for a Development Application
• Economic and social benefits analysis
• Certified cost estimates
• Business Case (Management Modelling, Financial Modelling, Risk Management Assessment)
• Project Management Plan
• Identification of potential partnership funding options


“We were very happy with our engagement of Tredwell Management. They were selected on the basis of their community consultation process and their expertise and delivery in that area was excellent. We now have a plan that is practical, achievable and has full community support. It was great to have a wide range of stakeholders engaged in the process.”
Peter Harder
Chief Executive Officer, District Council of Copper Coast


Client: District Council of Copper Coast
State: South Australia
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2013
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