Berri Pool Needs Assessment

Aquatics, Master Planning

The Berri Barmera Council recently refurbished their outdoor 50m pool, they are now looking at the needs for other aquatic and recreational facilities at the site including assessing the condition and need of the smaller pools, investigating the need for an indoor warm water/program pool, splash pad, revenue generating activities such as a café/kiosk and other compatible uses.

The needs assessment assesses the current condition of the facilities on site using information obtained from a Facility Condition Report prepared by Crackerjack Consulting Engineers that was prepared in conjunction with the needs assessment. It reviews all relevant background information, population and demographic trends, leisure and aquatic trends and provides a series of recommendations to guide the future development of the facility including a proposed master plan for the site.

The purpose of this needs assessment was to consider the most appropriate type of aquatic and leisure facilities that will meet the future needs of the Berri Barmera Council area and inform the broader master planning process. Financial and environmental sustainability need to be considered along with ensuring community needs are met.

Client: Berri Barmera Council
State: South Australia
Value: <$30,000
Year: 2020
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