Valleys Lifestyle Centre & Riverton Pool Management Options Report


The Valleys Lifestyle Centre and Riverton Swimming Pool was conducted with a sound understanding of the strategic context that the facilities operate within. The Strategy Plan was developed in the following stages:

  • Start-up and Initial Review
  • Key Stakeholder Consultation and Market Research
  • Management and Operational Analysis
  • Preparation of an Events Strategy (refer separate report)
  • Finalise Management Options Report and Events Strategy

The purpose was to inform Council about the options for management and operation of the two recreation facilities. The plan incorporated identification, assessment and evaluation of alternatives for the future management and operation of these sites with clear recommendations supported by evidence-based analysis. Also included, a strategy and funding framework for the recruitment, development, promotion, implementation and review of events sponsored, endorsed or supported by the Clare and Gilbert Valley Council.



Client: Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council
State: South Australia
Value: <$30,000
Year: 2016
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