Developing awesome trail experiences for locals and visitors alike

Do your communities need more quality opportunities to be active in the great outdoors? Are you hoping to tap in to the ever-increasing market of outdoor and adventure tourism by showcasing the best of your region’s natural landscapes and cultural heritage?

As lifestyles become increasingly busy, people are choosing to be more physically active in unstructured recreation than ever before. Community needs and expectations for quality trails are growing and are unlikely to subside any time soon.

Many existing trail networks have gradually emerged over time, with individual trails being developed in isolation from each other without addressing the broader needs of trail users or establishing sustainable, governance structures. Strategically planned and managed trails cater for local community needs while offering visitors a distinct, accessible and enjoyable experience.

Tredwell delivers a strategic trails plan allowing you to draw a line in the sand. To identify and capitalise on your existing trails, to recognise and strive towards opportunities and, ultimately, to determine a clear vision for trails in your region – motivating all stakeholders to work towards a common goal.

Whether planning for a single trail or an entire network, our trail planning services will ensure that your project will meet the needs of targeted user groups and provide a framework for sustainable management into the future. Our planning processes involving comprehensive consultation, thorough on-ground audits delivering GIS mapping, professional investigation methods and best-practice industry knowledge allow us to deliver trail plans for implementation that are succinct yet detailed and visionary yet achievable.  We have delivered a wide range of trail projects across Australia varying from large-scale strategic plans across multiple local government areas, to the development of wayfinding systems and detailed signage design.


“Tredwell were more than equal to the many challenges this project presented. The result was a comprehensive plan that consulted widely, identified all the major issues, considered options for a better and more integrated trails network and provided workable strategies for the future. I would not hesitate to recommend Tredwell Management Services for the creation of other trails based plans.”
Kirk Kitchin, Project Manager, Shire of Mundaring


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Great Blue Mountains Trail: Upper Mountains Section Feasibility Assessment

The Great Blue Mountains Trail Feasibility Assessment reported on the upgrade and development of this trail and determined the feasibility of establishing a regional level cycling and walking trail.

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Perth Hills Trails Master Plan

The purpose of this project was to prepare a Master Plan for the Perth Hills Trails that provided a 15 -20 year implementation plan that allowed land managers to effectively, cooperatively and appropriately plan for the future.

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Toowoomba Region Trails Network Strategy

A clear and comprehensive plan for the establishment of an integrated network of trails that promotes the use and values of quality and connected infrastructure.

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Limestone Coast Regional Trails Master Plan

The Regional Trails Master Plan for the Limestone Coast developed a comprehensive and innovative plan for the establishment of a network of regional trails to promote community recreation, tourism and amenity for the region.

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