Logan Recreation Trails Strategy 2022-2032


The purpose of this project is to develop a Recreation Trails Strategy that supports the City of Logan to:

  • be ‘recognised as an active and healthy community’ (Active Logan Strategy Vision);
  • ‘continue to provide many benefits for residents and visitors. It’s a place of spiritual significance and a natural resource for drinking and irrigation, areas for leisure and recreational activities as well as a key wildlife corridor from the mountains to the bay. ‘ (Logan River Vision and Albert River Vision), and
  • ‘become a vibrant visitor destination focussed on offering a mixture of sporting, cultural and leisure based experiences which will drive greater local employment, improved community amenities, and a strong market position all supported by new investment’ (Logan Destination Management Plan Vision).

It is expected that the strategy will:

  • continue to maintain and improve the existing trail network;
  • provide a range of trail-based experiences for residents and visitors across the City of Logan;
    meet population growth demands;
  • be based on contemporary recreation planning and trends (including emerging trends e.g. e-bikes);
  • ensure environmental and heritage values are protected;
  • enable physical activity and mental health;
  • fit into a regional trails network;
  • support connection of routes for active transport, running, cycling and walking and include guidelines for wayfinding that is accepted in Queensland;
  • meet Council’s land and trail management access requirements;
  • create a risk framework for Council to work within; and
  • identify additional opportunities such as unallocated state land.
Client: City of Logan
State: Queensland
Value: >$80,000
Year: 2021
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