City of Rockingham Beach Access Path Plan

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The Beach Access Path Plan considers localised coastal processes and aims to improve pedestrian accessibility to achieve an efficient and effective network of beach access paths that minimises duplication and ongoing maintenance and operational costs.

169 beach access paths were identified. A field survey was undertaken to produce ground-truthed, geo-referenced data and photographs relating to the existing beach access paths and associated infrastructure across the City. This process was also supported by an extensive desktop survey of the existing beach access paths, which was undertaken to inform the field survey. This included the identification and assessment of beach access path alignments, support infrastructure, contour intervals, wind erosion, water erosion and environmentally sensitive areas.

As well as identifing new paths to be installed and upgrade of existing paths, the project required to recommend paths and/or areas that can be created or modified to encourage inclusion and use by people with disabilities and limited mobility.



Client: City of Rockingham
State: Western Australia
Value: $50,000-$80,000
Year: 2023
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