Active Recreation & Trails Consultant

By Belinda 07/03/2019

#NowRecruiting #Excitingtimes #GrowingBusiness #NationalFocus

Do you have a passion for the active recreation and trail industry and enjoy adventure, the outdoors, researching and writing? We are looking for an enthusiastic, passionate, adventurous and fun person to join our team to assist deliver some exciting projects recently won around Australia.

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Setting up Australian sport for a prosperous future

By Annie 06/03/2019

#Sport2030 #SportAUS #World’sMostActive #HealthyNation

The Australian Government has a clear and bold vision for sport in Australia — to ensure we are the world’s most active and healthy nation, known for our integrity and sporting success.

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“Instragramable” Locations

By Belinda 02/03/2019

#Instragram #FreeAdvertising #BrandAwareness #TargetMarket

What is this trendy thing called Instagram that all the cool kids seem to be into? It’s been around for a few years, quietly picking up traction mostly thanks to everybody’s obsession with mobile photography.

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Australia’s Longest Rail Trail

By Dan 28/12/2018

It really does look like the BVRT is shaping up to be one of THE rail trail experiences in Australia, offering an amazingly diverse range of trail adventures with rewarding challenges for everybody, from novice trail-ers to the most fanatical endurance junkies out there.

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Activate Your Christmas

By Tredwell Team 05/12/2018

Short on ‘active’ ideas for the Christmas break?

How about getting involved in some of these activities we have encountered through our 2018 projects…..

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Congratulations PLA National Award Winners

By Neil 28/11/2018

We didn’t take home the chocolates but would like to congratulate all the 2018 PLA National Award Winners.

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Trail Tourism – Discover your ‘Hidden Gems’

By Belinda 06/09/2018

#Uniquetrails #Hiddengems #Whatsinyourbackyard #Trailtourism #Trailplanning

Australia is known for its unique experiences, jaw dropping landscapes, dynamic events, tasty fresh food and rich cultural history some found well off the beaten track.

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Indoor Aquatic Facility Planning in the Regions

By Annie 05/09/2018

#AquaticPlanning #IndoorPool #Planning #CommunityEngagement

Indoor aquatic facilities can often be a complicated asset for public authorities to provide. This doesn’t have to be the case.

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Sport & Recreation Planning ‘without borders’

By Dan 03/09/2018

#Budgetpressures #Sportinfrastructure #LGACollaboration #Regionalplanning #Results

Sport and recreation these days means BIG BUSINESS. Community sport infrastructure is estimated to generate an annual value of more than $16.2 billion to Australia…

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Local Sporting Facilities the new ‘Town Halls’

By Belinda 10/08/2018

#SportInfrastructureProgram #SportAus #Funding #Newtownhall #CCSLC #DeputyPM

Have you got a shovel ready sporting facility project or at least a well worked up idea?

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