Xmas Newsletter

By Julie 16/12/2021


Tredwell’s christmas party 2021 – trail riding.

Check out some of our successful projects in our latest newsletter.

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Signage Strategy for Roley Pools Comes to Life!

By Annie 29/07/2021

We love seeing our work come to life! Especially when it allows people to explore beautiful natural areas and connect with the local heritage and culture.

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Gorges Walk Concept Plan in the Remarkable Southern Flinders Park Precinct

By Annie 06/07/2021

Tredwell Management have been working with the Department for Environment and Water in South Australia to develop the Concept Plan for a new, iconic, multi-day hiking experience in the Southern Flinders Ranges

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Recent Endorsements

By Belinda 05/07/2021

As always, it is always great to see months of hard work deliver endorsement of our strategies and plans.
#Endorsed #Project #Council #SportandRecreationPlan #OpenSpaceStrategy

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Kale Brooks joins Tredwell Management in WA

By Julie 11/02/2021

#Kale Brooks #Tredwell #Perth #Western Office #Project Officer

Kale Brooks joins Tredwell as Project Officer (Trails, Sport, Recreation & Open Space) in our Perth office, Western Australia.

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Hand Picked Walks of the Clare Valley

By Neil 04/08/2020

The Clare Valley New Tourism Experiences Roadmap will help the local community bounce back from the recent drought and COVID-19 impacts on the local tourism industry.

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Quantifying the Community Benefit of Trails

By Annie 20/07/2020

Have you ever thought about the economic benefits that your local recreational trails bring to your region? If well planned, investment in these facilities can bring direct and indirect economic stimulus through construction, operation/ongoing maintenance and attraction of visitors from outside the region – not to mention the social and environmental benefits.

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Discovering Baw Baw

By Aidan 10/07/2020

Recently we had the pleasure of discovering the spectacular region of Baw Baw with its beautiful natural landscapes, wilderness attractions and historic townships whilst conducting a Feasibility Study for the shire to help them better understand the cycling needs of the region, use of existing trails and facilities and the opportunities for developing cycling infrastructure.

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Trail Signage and Promotional Materials

By Belinda 01/07/2020

Ever had that feeling of ‘where am I?’ when on a trail. Tredwell Management has extensive knowledge and experience in the development, design, and implementation of trail network signage and promotion materials to keep you on the right track.

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Don’t Just Audit Your Playgrounds, Develop a Strategy

By Tredwell Team 10/12/2019

#Nillumbik #Playground #Audit #Strategy #InnovativeApproach

The Nillumbik Playground Audit and Strategy Report has been developed with a new and innovative approach to playground strategy, which considers a range of factors that go beyond the traditional analysis of condition alone.

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