Clare Valley Tourism Region New Trail Experience Project


In 2019, the “Clare Valley New Tourism Experiences Roadmap” was prepared and the key objective of the Roadmap was to identify activities and experiences that would draw tourists and lengthen stay in the Clare Valley Tourism Region. A key recommendation of the Roadmap was improving the activation of existing trails within the region.

Tredwell were engaged to undertake a detailed audit of trails within the region with the key objectives being:

  • create a variety of new, “must-do” experiences for tourists that potentially lengthens stay or brings people to the region
  • identify walking trails that have unique selling points and regional stories attached to them
  • create the platform for businesses to engage with and enable them to commercialise in the future
  • provide clear guidance to Local and State Government on where to invest trail development funding going forward
  • build the region’s brand as a location with interesting trails and enjoyable experiences and provides a variety of experiences for a range of demographics and fitness levels.

The project team undertook an initial desktop audit of the existing walking and shared use trails within the Clare Valley Region and 39 trails and walks were identified. A short-list of 23 trails were identified in conjunction with the Project Reference Group to be audited and “ground-truthed”. 12 final trails were selected to be enhanced, six of which are in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council and six within the Regional Council of Goyder.

The next steps for the project are to undertake the identified works which have been staged, including the signage design and content development, procurement and installation of the identified facilities and enhancement of the trail alignments
where identified. This is now being completed by Tredwell.



Client: Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council
State: South Australia
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2020
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