Snowy Monaro Regional Trails Masterplan


The Snowy Monaro Regional Trails Masterplan relates to the region’s recreational trail network, with a focus on those that are Council-managed and cater for walking (excluding urban footpaths), trail running, mountain bike riding, road cycling, and horse riding.

The Masterplan aims to:

  • Create a positive and collaborative culture for all trail users
  • Strengthen the perception of the region as a destination of choice for mountain bike riding, cycling, trail running and walking
  • Determine the optimal visitor trail experiences and iconic tourism opportunities
  • Increase visitation, contributing to the local economy
  • Enhance the sustainability and liveability for local communities.

The Masterplan provides an overview of the project’s strategic context and alignment with other planning initiatives, a review of relevant trends, outlines best-practice trail planning and management and highlights the findings from community consultation.

With a regional approach and increased investment, the Snowy Monaro Regional Trails Network offers incredible potential as an iconic, cohesive and interconnected trails network incorporating benefits across the triple bottom line with positive environmental, economic and social outcomes.

Client: Snowy Monara Regional Council
State: New South Wales
Value: >$80,000
Year: 2022
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