Snowy Monaro Regional Trails Masterplan


The Snowy Monaro region’s reputation for trail-based experiences is growing. The region has the potential to become a highly successful tourism destination year round if the right trail projects are planned and constructed.

The Snowy Monaro region’s exceptional landscapes are vital components of the region’s natural environment and play important roles in nature based tourism, as well as conservation, health and wellbeing, and the regional economy.

With incredible mountains, lake, rivers and forests the region has a remarkable opportunity to embrace the benefits associated with a strategically coordinated approach to the development of exceptional trail experiences and a high-quality trail network.

The Snowy Monaro Regional Trails Masterplan will focus on:

  • Creating a positive and collaborative culture for all users
  • Strengthening the perception of the Snowy Mountains region as a destination of choice for mountain biking, cycling, trail running and walking
  • Determining the optimal visitor trail experiences and iconic tourism opportunities
  • Increasing visitation, contributing to the local economy
  • Enhancing the sustainability and liveability for local communities
Client: Snowy Monara Regional Council
State: New South Wales
Value: >$80,000
Year: 2021
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