West Wimmera Shire Recreational Trails Strategy


The West Wimmera Shire Council (WWSC) engaged Tredwell Management to create a Recreational Trails Strategy to develop a consistent policy framework over a ten year period, to guide decisions about the management of, and investment in, trails and to provide a vision of what the trail network across West Wimmera will look like in the future.

27 recreational trails across the Shire, as well as two-on-road cycling event routes and three promoted drive trails were audited to assess condition/grade.  A series of consultation mechanisms were used to engage with the wider community and key stakeholders which informed the trail network development process.

A 10 year Trails Network Vision was created;

“A cohesive trails network that offers active and challenging recreational experiences, encompassing West Wimmera’s diverse and distinctive landscapes, ranging from arid desert wilderness in the north to wetlands, river and forests in the south”

In order to deliver the Vision, a series of Strategic Outcomes were developed.



Client: West Wimmera Shire
State: Victoria
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2018
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