Bridle Trail from Nannup to the Scott Coast


The Nannup to Scott Coast bridle trail concept developed from the desire to acknowledge and reference the historic stock route utilised by local stockmen to move cattle from the Nannup area to the coast. The aims of the Study included:

  • Reference the historic stock route
  • Establish on the ground the optimum trail alignment
  • Integrate consultation findings
  • Identify support infrastructure requirements
  • Establish preliminary construction requirements
  • Formulate implementation plan with targeted actions to deliver the trail
  • Develop and publish a trail map and accompanying report

The preferred trail alignment utilises a combination of road reserves, forest tracks and existing shared use paths to connect Nannup township to the Scott Coast, establishing new trailheads at Gussies Mill and Unallocated Crown land at Milyeannup.


Client: Shire of Nannup
State: Western Australia
Value: <$30,000
Year: 2014
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