Needs Assessment & Feasibility Study – Indoor Heated Swimming Pool Collie


Tredwell & Donovan Payne Architects worked with the Shire of Collie to assess the need and feasibility of an indoor pool in Collie.

The project requirements included:

  • A Needs Assessment based on demographic profile, community and stakeholder consultation for an indoor heated swimming pool in Collie at the current site. The Needs Assessment is to consider the most appropriate type of facility – including lap pool, hydrotherapy pool, leisure pool, or a combination of these, and must consider the option of a 25 metre indoor heated swimming pool.
  • A Life Cycle Cost Assessment for each indoor heated swimming pool option, including capital to develop the facility and ongoing costs.
  • A Feasibility Study for each option. The feasibility study is to consider and make a recommendation as to whether the pool operates year round, or over the winter months only.
  • The Life Cycle Cost Assessment and the Feasibility Study to consider the development and ongoing costs of the new facility in relationship to the existing refurbished outdoor swimming pool. This would include but not be limited to:
  • An assessment of the best heating options for both pools;
    Initial concept designs on the current site, showing how the new facility would link with the existing facility – eg. entrances, toilets; and
    Access for existing user groups – swim school, underwater hockey club and swimming club.

The options have been developed based on the brief requirements, consultation, research findings and specialist aquatic design expertise and are detailed in the “Indoor Heated Swimming Pool in Collie Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study” November 2018.

Client: Shire of Collie
State: Western Australia
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2018
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