Langhorne Creek Road Concept Plan

Master Planning

The objective of the Concept Plan was to explore how the Site could best be rezoned, divided and developed to accommodate a range of recreational and community uses. The Concept Plan forms part of the investigations being undertaken by Council for the purpose of preparing the Strathalbyn Township and Environs Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

The primary purpose of the DPA is to free up development opportunities within the Strathalbyn town centre and in doing so, to give effect to the goals, guiding principles and actions set out in the Strathalbyn Town Plan 2014-2024.

Relevant considerations underpinning the Concept Plan include:
• Demand and community need
• Site location suitability and site planning
• Stakeholder needs and interests
• Interface issues with respect to surrounding land uses



Client: Alexandrina Council
State: South Australia
Value: <$30,000
Year: 2017
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