Shire of Mundaring Recreation Plan

Current, Sport, Recreation & Open Space Planning

The Shire of Mundaring believes recreation and community facilities are essential in:

  • the physical, social and emotional development of our community
  • building strong, safe, connected and inclusive communities
  • creating civic pride in the district they live
  • contributing to economic prosperity of the district
  • creating positive environmental experiences and promoting the need to care for our environment

It is the challenge for the Shire of Mundaring to provide facilities that meet the current and future needs of its community within available resources.

The Shire has engaged Tredwell, specialist sport, recreation and open space consultants, to undertake the Shire of Mundaring Recreation Plan.
The Plan will include the address of the following:

  • inventory and high level condition assessment of all recreation facilities in the Shire
  • current use and capacity analysis of all facilities
    recommendation of future service levels to ensure they are fit for purpose
  • consideration of future housing developments
  • development of a prioritised Action Plan
Client: Shire of Mundaring
State: Western Australia
Value: $50,000 - $80,000
Year: 2018
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