Parkour White Paper

Sport, Recreation & Open Space Planning

The Parkour White Paper developed by Tredwell Management in collaboration with Lark Industries is a study to demonstrate the value and benefits parkour can offer to local government, schools and communities. The Parkour White Paper gives a detailed understanding of parkour and aims to inspire local councils, organisations and designers.

The aim of the White Paper is to provide a resource which can be used to advocate for parkour and its associated equipment, specifically for local governments, councils, organisations and developers of open green space and community based facilities such as landscape architects. The report is supported by consultation and market research and examines best practice case studies. It outlines the numerous benefits parkour provides to its participants mental and physical health.

The objective of the Parkour White Paper is to support the advocation for, and the development of parkour equipment by local governments/ councils and developers of open green space and community-based facilities by providing evidence based data that details how parkour is a beneficial and in-demand investment for the community. The objectives have been met in this paper to provide a case for parkour and why it should be considered by all moving forwards.

Client: Lark Industries
State: Victoria
Value: <$30,000
Year: 2021
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