Mildura Public Open Space Strategy


The Mildura Public Open Space Strategy is being developed to ensure the provision of high quality, integrated public open space and recreation facilitation for the Mildura Rural City Council.

Tredwell has been engaged to finalise a partly completed review of Council’s existing Public Open Space Strategy Plan 2004 which is to include preparation of a revised and up-to-date document for the municipality in accordance with both the original and updated briefs for the project.

Tredwell will work closely and collaboratively with the Mildura Rural City Council and community to provide a highly strategic and well considered Public Open Space Plan that will create an effective open space network which will improve the liveability and connectivity of the municipality. The Public Open Space Plan will consist of thorough background research, highly developed guiding principles, planning techniques, prioritised actions and will create the best fit for the community achieved through effective and comprehensive local-level engagement and consultation.


Photo Source: Mildura Regional City Council

Client: Mildura Rural City Council
State: Victoria
Value: $50,000 -$80,000
Year: 2020
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