Gold Coast Physical Activity Strategy

Sport, Recreation & Open Space Planning

This strategy promotes an active and healthy community which will allow Gold Coast residents and visitors alike to incorporate physical activity in their everyday life. The intention of this document is to provide a workable, yet evidence-based action plan.

Underpinning this Plan is a comprehensive background report which summarises the community consultation findings including research methodology and additional background information. The key issues and opportunities identified through these mechanisms have been amalgamated to form the basis of the Plan.

In summary the Gold Coast Physical Activity Plan (the Plan) outlines six critical elements:

  • What is Physical Activity
  • Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Strategic Context
  • Working Together
  • ‘Where we want to be in the future’
  • ‘Achieving our Vision’


“The development of the plan spanned over a period of a year and involved a great deal of community and stakeholder consultation and research. Neil Tredwell was involved in all aspects of the development of the plan and was a pleasure to work with. His knowledge, patience and assistance were invaluable to the development of a plan.  I highly recommend Tredwell Management and will be using them again for future work.”
Samantha Hughes, Gold Coast City Council


Client: Gold Coast City Council
State: Queensland
Value: $50,000 - $80,000
Year: 2010
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