Outback Region Sport, Recreation and Open Space Strategy

Sport, Recreation & Open Space Planning

Outback South Australia covers 63% of the state and has a unique structure of “local government” with a hybrid between local government (OCA) and community self-management. The strategy determined ten prioritised actions in consultation with the outback community and key stakeholders.

The Outback Region Sport, Recreation & Open Space Strategy brief included:

  • Desk-top analysis of what was achieved by the previous strategy
  • Updated facilities inventory, literature review, demographic and trend analysis
    Consultation with the community and key stakeholders including sporting, recreation and community organisations and relevant government agencies to determine current and future needs, demands, issues and opportunities with particular consideration of economic, environmental and social drivers for the Outback region
  • A strategic approach to the consolidation, future development and further support for recreation, sport and open space provision within the region
  • Identification of ten prioritised actions, with two of those prioritised actions including a higher level of detail
  • Clear recommendations for the development of good public policy on the role and function of the Outback Communities Authorities



Client: Outback Communities Authority
State: South Australia
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2017
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