Boroondara Sports Ground Data Collection and Analysis

Sport, Recreation & Open Space Planning

The Boroondara Sports Ground Data Report has been developed by Tredwell as a professional working document for the City of Boroondara Council.

The purpose of the this project was to provide critical data which can be utilised to develop a highly considered strategy to inform the future usage and delegation of sporting grounds within the City of Boroondara to better cater to the increased participation numbers over a range of sporting codes.

The surveys at each of the City’s existing 55 sports grounds located within 41 reserves were undertaken by Tredwell have both observed and recorded how each of the ovals are used over the summer and winter months on selected training nights and during weekend fixtures.

The recordings, which were undertaken daily at each of the sports grounds over a week long period, has provided critical usage data that will help to inform recommendations to Council on the provision of sports grounds. With Boroondara’s rapid population growth and increase in the participation of women and girls in organised sports, the data will aid by ultimately identifying how Council can assist clubs in meeting the current shortfall of sports grounds available to clubs, as they will have a clear understanding of under-utilised or un-used sports grounds across the municipality.

Client: City of Boroondara
State: Victoria
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2019
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