Quantifying the Community Benefit of Trails

By Annie 20/07/2020

Over the years we have noticed the trend for Councils to increasingly need to quantify estimates of return on investment in sport and recreation. While it is widely appreciated that sport and recreation can bring great bang for buck – not all facility developments are equal!

Have you ever thought about the economic benefits that recreational trails bring to your local community? If well planned, investment in these facilities can result in direct and indirect economic stimulus through construction, operation/ongoing maintenance and attraction of visitors from outside the region – not to mention the social and environmental benefits.

We have recently worked with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale, in the outer south eastern area of Perth within Western Australia’s Peel Region, to develop a Trail Development Business Case. A key pillar of the Peel Economic Development Infrastructure Strategy (2016) is to develop a stronger trail focus immersing visitors in natural settings, including extensions and upgrades to existing trails and providing connections to amenities in towns and hubs.

Once we had developed and costed the concept plans for the identified trail development projects in the Shire, we were able to estimate the direct and in-direct contributions to employment (jobs) and economic output (Gross Regional Product) through our subscription to REMPLAN Economy. REMPLAN Economy provides compelling insights into the economic structure into regions and the contributions of local industries to employment, output, wages and salaries, regional imports and exports and value-added.

Having this quantitative data of costs and benefits allows Council to validate their investment decision and prioritise projects which maximise community benefit.

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