Exploring Excellence: Unveiling the Vibrant Experience at the Recreation Conference / Nga Rau Harakeke 2023

By Aidan 6/12/2023

The Recreation Conference / Ngā Rau Harakeke 2023 was held in Te-Whanganui-a-Tara/Wellington from the 1st to 3rd November. The Recreation Aotearoa team did an outstanding job of running the event, which saw the key theme of ‘Harakeke’ explored through its representation of the different divisions of the recreation sector, and its ability to be woven together to create ‘Te Puāwaitanga – Growth’, ‘Aumangea – Resilience’ and ‘Tūhono – Connections’.

Among the highlights were exceptional presentations by industry experts and professionals, which provided interesting insights and discussion topics. These included implementing Te Tiriti for wellbeing, connecting communities to place, bringing change through sport, recreation and play, creating resilient communities, supporting facilities to enable women and girls to be active and Rangatahi’s views on the current state of recreation.

Our landscape Architect, Aidan Power delivered an insightful presentation on ‘Trails: A Key Asset to Grow, Connect, and Create Resilient Communities. Aidan’s talk emphasised the pivotal role of trails as integral assets in fostering community growth, facilitating connections, and bolstering resilience. His insights further enriched the conference’s discourse on nurturing vibrant and enduring communities.

Overall, the conference was inspiring and encouraged conversations and networking with a key focus on creating stronger connections, communities, and people.

If you couldn’t make it to the conference or missed the presentation, please access the presentation link here.

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