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By Belinda 5/07/2021


As always, it is always great to see months of hard work deliver endorsement of our strategies and plans.

The Mildura Public Open Space Strategy and the Tamworth Sport and Recreation Strategic Plan are two of our major projects which have recently been endorsed by their respective Councils. Endorsement is a significant and important final step for these projects providing direction for Council and assurance of this to their communities.

The final draft reports were displayed online for public exhibition and both attracted a range of meaningful submissions from the community. These responses were thoughtfully considered by Tredwell and our project team at Council, and address into the final plans before being put forward to Council for endorsement. Comments made by Elected Members at the time of Council adoption reflect the months of hard work put into these important strategic plans, For example, Mildura Rural City Councillor Reynolds’ comment:

“Congratulations to everybody involved – it is a fantastic report. So comprehensive. Brings us so much hope for this region. It makes me feel happy that these things may come to fruition one day. I also love that the detailed submissions made by the community were thoughtfully considered and included.” – Councillor Reynolds, Mildura Rural City Council

The Tamworth Regional Council Strategic Sport and Recreation Plan has been published online as an e-book – check out the full report here, or the summary report here.

The council was very happy with the outcomes as can be seen by the following testimonial.

“Thank you from the Sports & Rec team here at Tamworth Regional Council, we are very proud of this document. We are also extremely grateful for the professional approach undertaken by Tredwell. We have taken a tedious approach to this plan and document to ensure that we do produce a high quality, useful strategic resource that will be “thumbed through” regularly rather than just collect dust on a shelf.  Annie, Neil and the Tredwell team have absolutely delivered on this for us….. Tredwell have been a pleasure to deal with and we are very pleased with the end product. The team have been exceptionally understanding and responsive – we couldn’t ask for more than that!” – Paul Kelly, Manager  Sports & Recreation

Thank you to all of the community members and Council staff who contributed to the delivery of these high quality and comprehensive plans. We look forward to seeing implementation over the years to come and the benefits that plans such as these can bring to communities in line with our vision:

Connected. Happy. Active. People.

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