Pecha Kucha on the Sunshine Coast

By Neil 10/10/2019

Managing Partner Neil Tredwell has been selected to present a Pecha Kucha talk on Trail Tourism – Discover Your “Hidden Gems” at the Australian Regional Development Conference on the Sunshine Coast from the 16-17th September 2019.

A Pecha Kucha talk is a unique format, which has been proven to engage the audience more than a standard presentation.  20 PowerPoint slides are presented for 20 seconds each for a total presentation length of 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The slides contain images only and each slide advances automatically after 20 seconds.

The Australian Regional Development Conference is one of the very few that bring academics, practitioners, policy makers, community leaders and Australia’s quiet achievers into one purposeful forum.

The two-day conference, will provide insights, tools and resources needed to strengthen and advance regional communities. Influential leaders who are invested in the greater regional movement will highlight a variety of innovative achievements, opportunities and potential for growth.

The Pecha Kucha talk on Trail Tourism will outline how Australia is known for its unique experiences, jaw dropping landscapes, dynamic events, tasty fresh food and rich cultural history some found well off the beaten track.

Tourism Australia’s latest campaign UnDiscover Australia seeks to draw attention and increase visitation to some of our country’s less obvious but equally intriguing visitor attractions; a celebration of our ‘Hidden Gems’ and the development of high-quality trail experiences are a key component of this.

Trails provide an ideal opportunity to explore these destinations and attractions in your own way, whether this be quietly meandering around a country town immersing yourself in unique history, jogging through an abundance of natural wonders, riding with your friends and family through spectacular landscapes or paddling along a mighty river.

Key messages:

  • Every community has its own unique story to tell, identify your hidden gems
  • Trails are a great way of discovering hidden gems and connecting with well-known attractions and visitor services
  • There is a need for collaborative planning to ensure the trail delivers the expected benefits and provides a high-quality experience
  • A high-quality trail network will add value to local communities and contribute to local economic development
  • Trails offer the opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in your community

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