Brisbane Off Road Cycling Plan 2019-2031

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Brisbane has the richest biodiversity of any city in Australia with 37% natural habitat cover. Within these natural areas, Council aims to meet the demands of the diversity of outdoor recreation participants and desired experiences, whilst protecting and managing the range of natural area values.

One outdoor recreation activity that is growing in popularity is off-road cycling. However the lack of off-road cycling opportunities and user experiences, unplanned and unauthorised trail construction and ongoing requests for additional facilities has led to the need for the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Plan.

Tredwell Management has been engaged to develop a high level and conceptual plan, guiding future off-road cycling investment between 2019-2031 in natural areas and associated parks across the city.

Objectives of the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Plan 2019-2031 include:
1. Plan for the future of off-road cycling opportunities and facilities in Brisbane’s natural areas and parks in accordance with key Council strategies, plans and policies.
2. Ensure off-road cycling is sustainable and protects the city’s biodiversity values.
3. Guide the strategic development of a diverse range of off-road cycling opportunities and facilities including a decision-making framework to select suitable locations.
4. Ensure future off-road cycling facilities will achieve value for money through sustainable, well planned and well-designed infrastructure.
5. Identify possible off-road cycling partnerships and opportunities including events, ecotourism and with neighbouring land management agencies.
6. Create a connected off-road cycling network.
7. Provide off-road cycling opportunities and facilities for children, adults and families including all abilities access.
8. Develop a forward-thinking plan that includes latest and future trends and technology.

Client: Brisbane City
State: Queensland
Value: >$80,000
Year: 2019
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