Bungendore Park Recreation Plan & Signage Strategy


The Bungendore Park Recreation Plan & Signage Strategy:

  • considers the existing trail network, its safety and condition, and identifies appropriate experiences for Park users
  • maps the locations for different infrastructure in the Park, existing and recommended, including but not limited to signs
  • provides a construction ready design for different sized signage structures
  • clearly documents the required messages to appear on each sign (reserve name, names of trails, safety messages, distances, symbols, directional arrows)
  • provides a costed implementation plan suitable to secure external funding

All recreational recommendations needed to prioritise the following considerations:

  • minimising the crossing from dieback infected into dieback free areas
  • use of materials that are low dieback risk
  • avoiding clearing any new areas or trails
  • avoiding slopes that can result in erosion
  • minimising weed introduction and spread


Client: City of Armadale
State: West Australia
Value: $30,000 - $50,000
Year: 2018
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