NSW Police Force Strategic Plan for Firearm Ranges

Extreme & Hard to Locate Sports

In summary, the project involved:

  • A review and assessment of the current facilities
  • Development of a strategic plan for firearm ranges
  • An assessment of operational requirements
  • Recommendations on how to best meet the future requirements
  • Examinations of options for build-up of facilities, including cost estimates, and
    a risk analysis

The project was developed using a five stage methodology. It was conducted in close consultation with key stakeholders from the NSWPF and their agents.

The NSW Police Firearm Ranges Strategy has identified the need for fit-for-purpose, contemporary, accessible and NSWPF controlled firearms and DEFTAC training facilities. These training facilities need to be strategically located throughout metropolitan and non-metropolitan NSWPF regions of NSW. The design has considered important factors such as lifecycle cost and ecologically sustainable development.



Client: NSW Police Force
State: New South Wales
Value: >$80,000
Year: 2014
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