G21 Motocross Land Suitability Assessment

Extreme & Hard to Locate Sports

There is a strong need for a regional motocross venue in the G21 region to provide a contained, safe and controlled facility for rider education, activities and events.

Tredwell Management undertook a land suitability assessment to review previous work and also to incorporate potential new sites for the establishment of a regional motocross facility within the G21 region (Geelong Region Alliance), that caters for motocross / off road motorcycling activities.

It was necessary to identify the functional requirements of a regional motocross facility including the likely site area required, terrain, access, facilities (competition and ancillary), infrastructure and services.

Through various land search and identification processes 28 sites were identified and initially assessed using a set of major and desirable site criteria. The assessment criteria included overall site area, whether the site was located within or outside of ‘constrained’ areas, proximity of the site to residences, road access, access to water and power services, distance of the site from the Geelong CBD, site terrain and soil type.



Client: G21 Geelong Region Alliance
State: Victoria
Value: $50,000 - $80,000
Year: 2016
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