Bungendore Park Recreation Plan and Signage Strategy (WA)

By Annie 8/08/2019

At Tredwell, we are ecstatic to see that our work on the Bungendore Park Recreation Plan and Signage Strategy has come to life, with the installation of new trail infrastructure to support sustainable recreational use of this incredibly diverse and ecologically valuable section of Perth’s Darling Scarp.

Bungendore Park encompasses 498 hectares of bushland located in Bedfordale, 30 km south-east of Perth. The Park is vested in the City of Armadale for Conservation and Recreation and is part of the wider Wungong Regional Park.

During the project, we worked collaboratively with the City of Armadale and the Bungendore Park Environmental Group to determine a Recreation Plan which would allow for recreational use of the park, with a focus on nature appreciation and education, while ensuring protection of the natural environment.

It was important to consider the hard work of the Bungendore Park Environmental Group volunteers over the preceding 37 years, while planning for future recreational use and environmental conservation.

A key consideration in developing the Recreation Plan was the impact of Phytophthora dieback, and the need to prevent its spread throughout the park. There are specific areas which remain ‘dieback-free’ and it is essential to ensure that these areas remain pristine.

The Recreation Plan, and the corresponding Signage Strategy, which has now been implemented, guides walkers along the four loop trails within the park with direction to clean their boots prior to entering sensitive dieback-free areas. The number of boot-cleaning stations required was minimised through the establishment of one-way trails and walkers are educated along the route about the park’s natural environment.

The four trails are now clearly illustrated at the two entrances to the park, with trailhead infrastructure including a sign to detail the trails on offer. Each trail was classified in line with the Australian Standard 2156.1 – 2001 Walking Tracks – Classification and Signage, and signed accordingly.

Our team designed the wayfinding system/bollards, provided the information for trailhead signage and identified the precise location of each piece of proposed infrastructure. We also provided recommendations to Council regarding the next steps for existing infrastructure (signs, seating, tables). Those which were fit-for-purpose were retained, while some were replaced/updated and some were no longer required.

On the 22nd of June, the City of Armadale and the Bungendore Park Environment Group hosted an event for the opening of the new walk trails, with a range of guided bushwalks for park visitors to choose from. It is wonderful to see the local volunteers continuing to be stewards for their park, and to see the network of trails meeting both recreation and conservation objectives.

Next time you’re looking for a bushwalk in Perth, we highly recommend a visit to Bungendore Park to experience the region’s natural beauty along the Cockatoo Circuit (1.7km loop), Whistler Walk (2.3km loop), Spinebill Stroll (2.8km loop), Robin Ramble (3.5km loop) or Honeyeater Hike (7.7km loop).

Please contact us if you require any trail planning advice.